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Refer someone and get 1 Month Off
       (equivalent to $25)

 - You get a Free month for every person that signs up and refers your name.

 - The 1 month gets taken off your next 6 month renewal.

 - They too can get the 1 month off by referring their friends.

 - Each person gets unlimited referral credits.

 - Each service gives you 2 connections.
 - This can be used on more than 2 TV's, but only 2 can be ACTIVE at the same time.

Example... if you had 5 TV's, but maybe only 2 TV's are ON and ACTIVE at 1 time, you would ONLY need 1 service.

 - IF more than 2 TV's are active at 1 time, you would need more than 1 service.

 - IF using 3,4, or 5 active TV'S at 1 time, you would need at least 2 services.

 - Each TV would need its own box.

6 Month Service
 - The 6 month service does not automatically renew.

  - Can conveniently purchase 06 online and we will update the service.

 - The end date is located at the bottom of the screen.


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