Carefully unpack the sky lantern, being careful not to damage the thin paper. If you do poke any holes in the paper membrane use a small amount of scotch tape to cove the hole. Holes will let hot air out and the lantern will not operate properly. If there are many holes or tears in the paper, discard the lantern!

After the sky lantern is opened, hold the frame with the paper bag below. Lift up on the frame to put air into the lantern. Do this a few times until many of the creases in the paper have been removed.

There are several types of fuel cells, the "block of wax" type are the hardest to use. If you have this type of lantern follow the instruction on the package. If your lantern is a piece or cardboard or cardboard impregnated with wax you may wish to follow these alternate instructions:

1) Fray two opposites corners of the fuel cell to allow easier ignition.

2) Holding the frame with the paper below, ignite the fuel cell.

3) Allow the fuel cell to completely catch fire, 20-40 seconds.

4) Holding the frame, push it out away from your body and above your head with your arms fully extended.

5) Pull the frame back down towards you in a swift motion in order to fill the lantern with air.

6) Hold at shoulder height.

7) When creases in the paper are eliminated by hot air release.

8) If it rises at about 1 foot per second let it go, you are all set.

9) If it does not rise at that rate grab the frame and hold it for a few more seconds.

10) NOTE: The high the temperature the longer you need to let you sky lantern fill with hot air.

11) See the movies for additional help!  Link to Sky Lantern Videos

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