Jolt Rackets

The Jolt Racket
("Hand Held Bug Zappers")

The racket produces a charge imbalance, known as static electricity, (although electricity is never static)

There is a red light that comes on when you press the on/off button (no cumbersome safety switches)

This charge is enough to zap a mosquito dead, stun a fly or zap off a wing or a leg or both!

How Does it Work?
The bugs serve as conductors between the imbalanced rods. Holding the power button on, immediately charges the grill.
When you hit the insect, the racket makes a nice spark and a zapping sound when its static electricity is discharged to the insect, (Much like those plug in light zappers hanging on porches)

Is it Safe? Yes, it is CE certified safe. RoHS Certified

Warranty: One Year Limited

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