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  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
1. I launched about a half dozen of these things so far, all I can say, AWESOME!!!   These are too cool.   And they are addictive!
I figured out a way to give these things a little more “AIR” time.   I use a small hand held blow dryer and will them up with hot aire so thet already have loft when the fuel pad is ignited.   I figure I get about 1 minute more fuel burn.   In any case, they still travel very far and very high and create a lot of curious rubber neckers wondering what they are.
Thanks for a great product!
- Daniel in Florida
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
2. Todd, you are so great in helping with the purchasing and shipping of items. You have a wonderful, fun attitude. Thank you.
- Tricia in Texas
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
3 Todd,
Searched for lanterns after seeing them lighted off in Thailand, for a commemoriation of the 2nd anniversary of tsunami, and found your site.
Have enjoyed floating them over the Mississippi river valley and having friends/neighbors see them coming from the opposite direction.
Minneapolis does not allow indoor smoking and has oudoor smoking areas.   Visiting a bar, the smoking area was outside between two three story builidngs.   After lighting one to the cheers of 75 drunken smokers, I lit a 2nd baloon, which, when it rose to roof level, was caught by the wind and blown sideways, wrapping around a power line. Locals, assuming the burning lantern would cut power to the neighborhood began pointing at me and saying "there he is, you better get out of here before the police get here."   I did leave, to watch the lantern rise when the wind subsided and get caught in the tree of some local goths.   Luckily the power line was ok.
I started with 100 and am down to about 80.
Lots more stories but i am too busy trying to sell a parts washer 600 miles north of Vladivostok.   I would like some larger lanterns.
- Dean in Minnesota           -
    Todd's added comment:
  • Need not run away, as these lanterns are made with Flame Proof paper and will not burst into flames and or be a fire hazzard falling from the sky in a blaze of glory because of a sudden wind gust catching the paper on fire. Beware of those other non-coated paper lanterns out there... buy TNT Fire Retardant Paper Lanterns!

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
4. I bought 100 lanterns and took a bunch out to our spring firework shoot in Indiana.   We had a blast with them.   It was unbelievable the way everyone stopped shooting fireworks and just watched in awe every time we launched one.   They are so cool.
- Dan in Wisconsin
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: within 4 days
5. Asides the sky lanterns being a fantastic product. Todd's replies regarding my various questions before ordering were prompt and curteous.   Also, TnT sales offered the best price on my order (Sky Lanterns) by a significant margin.
- Alex in Ontario, Canada
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
6. Excellent personalized service and product!   Todd is first class all the way...
- Robert in Florida
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
7. I tried some of the skylanterns at a fireworks shoot last month and everyone loved them.   They went stright up and were still going when we lost sight of them.   If I had not known what they were I would have thought it was a UFO
- Jeff in Tennessee
  Re. Lanterns & Rackets Delivered: Fast
8. Love the lanterns, everyone who has seen them loved them also.   I gave people the way to find you on web.  Bug Zapper I gave  away so no comment on that.   I will be buying more lanterns, I'm sure.   Thanks
- Joe in Washington
  Re. Lanterns & Racket Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
9. The whole experience in dealing with Todd and TNT Sales was very impressive and professional.   Todd kept me fully informed about my order and managed my expectations extremely well.
The Sky Lanterns performed exactly as advertised and reinforced my 13 year old son's perception of me as a "cool Dad" who always finds fun and exciting things to do together.   The Jolt Racket is also a very fun gadget.   We actually can't wait for flies to come into the house so that we can "zap" them.   I definitely will be placing additional orders with TNT.
- David in Pennsylvania
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
10.  Your service was excellent and pleasant.   We haven't had a chance to actually use the sky lanterns yet... still waiting for the right event and good weather.   Now that it's raining less I think that might be soon :-)
- Gretchen in California
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
11.  Excellent service, packaging was great, also good email service, product performs very well.
- Paul in Missouri
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: within 4 days
12. Sky Lanterns are great.   Truth is I took one to my neighbors tonight who love new and different items so you will here from them soon.   July 4th will be a blast with the Sky Lanterns.
- Joe in Ohio
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: within 4 days
13. Great service! Received products promptly, great packaging, very pleased!
- David in Atlanta
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: within 4 ~ 5 days
14. The only reasonable and efficient source for the sky lanterns, unless you want to fly to Taiwan yourself.   Keep it up, guys.  Thanx.
- Jeff in Florida
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
15. Great service and product and I will be back for more!!!!!!   Thanx
- Joe in Montana
  Re. Jolt Racket Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
16. Great product!   Got it for my Grandma and she loves it.   Thanks!
- Lindsey in Oregon
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 4 ~ 5 days
17. Great product, the best price I could find anywhere.
- Jim in Virginia Beach, VA
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
18. Great product in less than 5 days.   I was very happy with that.
- Tim in Colorado

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast
19. Quality item delivered fast and well shipped.   Gave an excellent rating due to the quality of service.   Will definitely use again.   Could not improve upon the service given.
- Stephen in Michigan
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
20. Can't wait to fly my Skylanters, though I reckon I'll have to wait until I'm out in the desert sometime -- and hopefully that will happens soon!   I was very impressed by the price and speed of my shipment.   I've been thinking about Sky Lanterns ever since I saw them in Hoi An, Vietnam in 2000.
- Johnathon in California           -
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
21. These are the sweetest lanterns ever. Everyone goes nutz for them.   The people that you deal with are very friendly, professional, and prompt.   I highly recommend these sweet party starters for everyone worthy of true burnin' fun.
- Anne in Buffalo

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
22. Very friendly ordering process and Todd is very helpful and answered all of my questions completely.   I will be ordering again soon.The sky lanterns are a big hit in my neck of the woods.
-Michael D.
- Michael in Massachusetts

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
23. Hi Todd, we have light off a few of the laterns its a lot of fun my kids remenber when they where young we made them out of dry cleaner bags,...   I am in the process of starting a fireworks stand in minnesota do you sell wholesale and if so what would the price be,...   Thanks again, Mark
- Mark in Minnesota
    Todd's added comment:
  • Gotta love the simplicity of the ease of these lanterns vs. the old setup, right.
    Yes, we can sell wholesale...   Please provide us with your compnay name, and min order of 144pc, and you are on your way to a heck of a great deal!
      We can also sell bulk fireworks.

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
24. Awesome products at a great price. Courteous & quick responses too! I'll definitely buy from you guys again!
- Hanson in California

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
25. Thanks Todd for the awesome Sky Lanterns!!  Todd contacted me almost instantly (from his vacation no less!!) and sent me my order overnight at my request.  The Lanterns added such a mystical experience to my weekend at the lake.  My family was so impressed and my father told me to get more the next time we visit. My kids, nieces and nephews love them.
They were the hit of the party!!!  Thanks Todd A+A+A+A+
- Mike from Michigan

  Re. Lanterns Delivered: Fast 1 ~ 3 days
26. Todd,
I am back from the wedding in Barbados, and just wanted to thank you personally, and give you some feedback on the Lanterns you sent me. I managed to sneak them through customs (long story), and then we set them off on the beach at sunset after the wedding. Everyone, and I mean everyone told us that it was the most spectacular thing they had ever seen, so it was a real big hit!
I have attached a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Take care
Ashley / John Heather || Entertainment Media Works
- Ashley/John Heather in New York           -
  Re. Lanterns Delivered: 7 days to Switzerland
27. Your service was very competent and helpful.
The delivery into Switzerland worked very well. At the wedding the sky lanterns looked very beautiful.
Many thanks to all, especially to Todd.
- Conny in Switzerland

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