Rules & Risks you should know

  • Take time to fully understand the laws and liabilities. This includes the financial obligations for covering the cost of damages in your area. There is always some risk. Even under optimum conditions, the hot air needed to keep a Chinese sky lantern aloft could escape prematurely, causing the lantern to fall to earth while still burning.

  • Avoid releasing a Chinese sky lantern if the wind speed is greater than 5 miles per hour. If the sky lantern tilts due to strong winds, itis not safe to let them fly.

  • Avoid releasing a Chinese sky lantern in the rain. The rain will weigh it down.

  • Choose a release site that is open and free of obstacles. This includes trees, dwellings, and power lines.

  • Even though the wire is Biodegradable, Never release a Sky lantern near the coast. The wire inside of the sky lantern can be hazardous to marine life.

  • The risk of starting a wildfire is real. Consider this before using a Sky Lantern, and teach children about safety precautions and risks as well.
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