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Now late in 2007, Fire Retardant Sky Lanterns are firmly established in most countries in Europe and are gaining popularity in the North America too

Alongside every successful product comes the cheaper knock-offs as well. Today there seems to be more suppliers then there are dealers. Most are trading companies with little to no knowledge of Sky lanterns trying to sell inferior stock.

Most of the real suppliers still make regular lanterns, risking the safety of the end users. Some suppliers use inferior fire prevention material to save money and their fire-retardant lanterns can still burn easily. Since most do not specialize in fire-retardant lanterns, the regular lanterns get mixed in with the fire-retardant ones. (See legal information link for important details concerning importing lanterns.)

We have reference customers throughout Europe and North America with ‘production models’ for sale to test quality, not borrowed samples.

Since our website script is constantly copied, ask those who have copied our claims to supply a list of vendors in Western markets that can supply production samples. If you see perfect ‘copied English’ on some pages and atrocious use of English on other pages, it is a sure sign of trouble.

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