What makes a good Lantern

Why our Lanterns are Better Quality
Not All Sky Lanterns Are Created Equal!

Cheap Lanterns are not made from fire resistant paper and often use inferior fuel cells. These cheaper lanterns may seen to be a good value but they are not.
Cheaper lanterns are prone to catching on fire and their fuel cells often drip hot wax/paraffin from above.

Some sky lanterns require you to self-attach the fuel to the frame. Avoid these cheap lanterns altogether, you get what you pay for. Very Dangerous

If you are see Lanterns for under $2, be leery, as they are coming directly from China with no regards to end user safety.
Our prices range from $2 ~ $10 each and are HIGH QUALITY Lanterns that will perform well every time.

   Inferior Waxy Fuel Cell
This cell is wrapped in cellophane, the ones that are not often stick to the lantern paper causing rips when the lantern is opened! This is often visable from the back of the sky lantern package. Check before purchasing.

   Premium Fuel Patches
These premium fuel patches are made from Cloth/Paper mixture which are impregnated with wax. These are the SAFEST type of cells/patches and do not drip like the dangerous ones pictured above.
For ease of ignition separate the layers of the cell as pictured on the left.
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