Why our Lanterns are Better

What makes a good Lantern
the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The truth is, quality does matter when it comes to buying a good reliable quality Sky Lantern.

Safety is the biggest concern that should be going through your head when purchasing a Sky Lantern that floats in the air.

Many cheap copy versions are out there, and you would never know it, because you are the end consumer and maybe just want the cheapest price, but the fact is, the only way to get cheap, is to cut corners and make a sub-par product.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and unfortunately most cheap sellers are showing other sellers pictures.

So, how to make a cheap Sky Lantern
1. Size... 2 feet tall
 - a lantern this small cannot fly long or high and presents a fire hazzard, plain n simple.
2. Fuel Patches or cells
 - The fuel cells are cubes, and you have to manually attach them, THEY are not pre-asembelled like ours
3. Paper Quality
 - You can use premium paper or thin tissue paper that rips easily
4. Fire Coating Retardant
 - Do you really need to fie coat the paper.... YES.  But many cheap lanterns out there are not fire retardant and pose a fire hazard before even getting in the air.

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