10pc Mixed Colored Sky Lanterns in Retail Color Box
20 Year Sky Lantern

10pc White Sky Lantern in Retail Color Box

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10pc White in a Retail Box
          - 2pc per Poly Bag
Product Dimensions:
  - 34" High x 2 feet wide
  - Base rim is 15" in Diameter
      • wider and easier to light
  - Eco-Friendly/Biodegradable

This is our basic most popular size Sky Lantern worldwide
How tall: almost 3 feet (About waist high)
...easy enough for 1 person to light.

Lantern Specs
• Premium Paper - Complete with Fuel Cell
• Fire resistant paper
• Fuel Patch is non drip Rectangular type, made with Cloth, Wax and Paper Mixture

You Desire: a traditional, authentic, paper Sky lantern that makes your special event cherished as a treasured experience.
Have you seen a Chinese Sky Lantern launch where: lanterns light slowly, take forever to warm up and barely rise or not fly at all? Can you recall the disappointment on the spectator’s faces and concerned onlookers? Could you sense them wishing they had bought a better quality lantern?
As a trend setter, we know you wish to impress, rather than disappoint your guests. Giving you or your guests their lantern and letting them release it into the night sky creates a memory that lasts a lifetime. Introducing them to the sensation that launching a beautiful sky lantern brings is gratifying.
You Need: Fast lighting, Fast warming, Fast ascending robust lanterns that will fly high into the sky embedding a lasting memory forever.
You Want: your party supplies from an eco-friendly manufacturer whose prime concern is your safety and happiness. One who understands how important your special events are and tests extensively to ensure your celebration exceeds your expectations.
You WILL Get: Exactly what you want, need and desire. When it comes to your precious gatherings, Original Sky Lanterns spared no expense to make you the best sky lantern money can buy.
- We know many events will only occur once in a lifetime.
- We know how important these occasions are.
- We know what a responsibility it is to supply your lanterns.
- We know you simply CANNOT be disappointed.
We, “The Original Sky Lantern” and TnT Sales have supplied major charity launches of 15,000 plus lanterns and left thousands in awe. Whether you fly one or several thousand lanterns, you will get an unforgettable experience.
Look up "Grand Rapids Art Prize 2012"
 - We are the main supplier for LARGE launches done throughout the US, Canada and India

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